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Sunday lunch at the Palace hotel – a five star buffet at a five star hotel

Sunday, October 26th, 2008
The Palace hotel in Sliema advertised their Sunday lunch buffet for €29pp – We just had to see what it was.Walking in the saloon and viewing the selection of the Sunday buffet made us stunned. This is by far the best buffet we ever tried… and for the price of only €29pp it scores very high!




Saturday chillout at Nove winebar in St. Julians

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

After having spent 5 ½ hours and lost too many golfballs at Marsa we were in desperate need of some chilling out in St. Julian’s. Nove wine bar looked pretty full but after a few minutes of waiting in the bar we got a nice table outside.

Nove is a great place if you just want to share a platter and a bottle of wine. Since the place was almost full up yesterday we were a bit unlucky with the service – nothing tragic, the wine, venue, and atmosphere makes up for it.

China town – Spinola Bay, St Julien’s

Friday, October 24th, 2008

I never eat Chinese food without order at least 1/2 Peking duck. In my view the Peking duck sets the standard of a place.

Now, 1/2 duck is alot of food, even 2 two persons. Add to that a sweet corn soup and 6 wantons and we have a pretty heavy evening meal 🙂

The place is well priced, our meal with 2 beers landed on €21 for 2 persons!

Parapett – In the middle of Paceville

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Its for the fantastic Pizzas and the amazing Creme Brulee’s that we keep returning to Parapett in Paceville – highly recommended!

Santorini Pizza

Meat Pizza


Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I have been to Toto’s quite recently. Was told food was pricy but great! If I have to be honest I think it was really average considering everything. View is nice, service is good, but at the end you’re left with wanting more, perhaps not food as such, but a little bit of everything!

/ Dorianne Calleja

Lunch break with mother nature at Star Café

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Star Café is just round the corner from my workplace and I have been going there quite often. Even though they never seem to keep the same price for the same pasta they serve off the hot counter, I find it quite convenient and reasonably priced for the main portion.

I do not normally like eating in at Star, because the service is nothing less but horrible. The waiters there seem to need more therapy than the rest of the world. The term ‘do I have to pay you to get a smile?’ is pretty much what they are all about.

This afternoon was no different. I decided to dine-in with a colleague of mine for a change and as hypocritical as that may sound, I needed a break from the office so I didn’t mind waiting for my food and I must say that the design of the place is pretty cool. My friend just ordered a drink (smart). The club sandwich on the menu caught my eye however I only had a vague idea of what was in it, so I reluctantly chose to ask one of the very ‘helpful and professional’ staff. His answer was nothing but enlightening ‘…club sandwich? Ermm bacon, egg and a bit of everything ey’. Somehow I was not surprised by the response!! Like I said earlier, I have been to Star before.
After waiting (to my surprise) for only a few minutes for the food to be served, I was happy to see that they had not mixed up the order and in all honesty the club sandwich looked quite nice and tasted even better. As I put my sandwich down, chatting away with my work colleague, I decided to try some of the side-salad. Maybe it’s a defect of mine, but unfortunately for Star Café, I’m very picky with food and I like to analyze it carefully.

My skills seemed to come in handy today when I found a dead maggot in my tomato which was split in two with the seeds facing up. I could not believe it!! I had to put up with the crappy service and wrong orders all this time, now this!? I smiled sarcastically and took my plate to the counter to ‘show-off my new pet’ to one of the waiters. He was like ‘oh..’ and took the plate away, I immediately told him, that I will just eat the wedges (in a separate bowl) and be on my way. He told me he would change it for me almost offended by my request. He never even said ‘I’m sorry for what happened…’ or something at least to make up for this horrible experience. Did I mention that Star Café belongs to a 4 star hotel?

I read somewhere that the average person swallows around 8 insects while sleeping which I found disturbing. I was not about to add another to my tally, especially one I was about to pay for…. Conclusion: I think I’ll steer clear of Star Cafe from now on…

// Matthew

Wok 2 Walk – First take away place offering a Chinese buffet

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Just opened last week and already looks to be a success. Wok 2 walk offer lunch buffet available in pots of €4,5&6 which you fill with anything from the buffet.