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Please, there are other drinks in the bar that tastes Mint. Mojitos are so uncool!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Hey, I know this is a lunch blog. But kindly let me take the opportunity to introduce a fresh and better alternative to the dull classic mojito; Mint Julep. By the way, anyone knows what happened to the German Step-down bar in Sliema?

Gozo favourites – Amazing views and excellent service

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

One of our readers wrote us on Facebook to share his Gozo favourites:

“Otters I went once and was charged twice for one bottle of wine, for a nice cool and calm dinner try the Ta Cimu in Xlendi at the roof top, lovely view of Xlendi rocks hill and the sea, the food was almost 100% and the service is almost perfect. Pricing reasonable average. For a light snack at lunch time the St Patrick’s Hotel outside on the promenade, reasonable god food, and pricing. The head waiter always with a smile and remembers us from the last time we visited the place and, that is about four months ago, that is good attention to remember your clients I feel it is very important and make me feel important too.”

We say thank you to Michael for his contribution to

Newly opened in St. Julians – Dr Juice has the remedy for your illness

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I was just about to show my newly arrived house guests around the promenade between Spinola Bay and our destination, Paradise Exiles. We needed to stop somewhere for lunch and we didn’t even get 100 meters away from Spinola Bay when I saw the big colourful sign of Dr Juice, a new opened juice bar right in my neighbourhood! For months I have been asking my local friends if there are any juice bars where they serve proper fresh 100% real juices and smoothies. No such luck, until now.

Dr Juice opened their doors for business on August the 8th of 2008. They don’t only serve beverages but also have a nice range of wraps, sandwiches and salads. The owner is a very nice couple who really stick out. Not only because they have a brilliant and very much needed business idea in the form of a healthy restaurant and juice bar, but also because they are so damn nice.

This couple stands out when it comes to service and delivery and they are not afraid to be humble and forthcoming when things are taking to long, like they did this day due to the chef being a little bit late. The time the owner took to talk to us, asking how everything was and making sure we all got exactly what we ordered in the confusion and just taking a moment to introduce himself was indeed something you don’t see often in Malta. Personally I love it because it shows that he invests not only his time and money but also his heart into what he’s doing. That alone makes me come back.
Let’s talk about the food. I ordered a spicy tuna wrap (3.2 euro) with a berry smoothie (3.5 euro). The food is prepared when ordered so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind adding or removing anything you might not like. As for me, I wanted to see what the original composition was all about so I took it as it was.

The wrap was very well prepared and it didn’t have that anticlimax one can experience sometimes where everything is thrown in the middle and you spend the first 2 bites chewing bread. Every bite was indeed a spicy tuna wrap bite and I loved it. Being a person who loves spicy food I think they could have added just a little bit more zing to the tuna, giving it cause for its name.

Once you get to the final third of the wrap you might want to grab some tissue, or make sure you are leaning over a plate because it will drip some lovely juices. Some might think it looks or feels soggy but I love to have the final bites being an orgy of all tastes mixed together, but it would suck for that sad person who is eating the wrap while driving a car.

The smoothie was ice cold, giving me brain freeze from the very first sip… I loved it! When it’s 35 degrees outside you will love anything that cools you down a bit. The berry’s really jump out at you right away and the taste never fades or gets boring. For my taste the size is a little bit “supersized” so I shared it with a friend. But if you really want to hammer down on a cold beverage, the “Berry Nice Smoothie” is absolutely amazing and worth every cent.

I am definitely going back to try more of their juices, smoothies, health drinks and various foods. Not only because it was absolutely delicious and fresh but also because we at love good service. So if this fits symptoms Dr Juice has the remedy for you. See you next time and until then, eat well and spread love, or spread well and eat love, or eat spread and love well. Cheers!

/ Emil Brikha