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Exiles paradise – where the pirates eat

Monday, July 21st, 2008

No real Maltese summer without spending the weekends at Exiles paradise. The kitchen has improved since last years and now serves okay food. Just grab a sun bed around 11am, spend an relaxed hour doing nothing but just nothing. Walk up to the bar and order your food, enjoy a well chilled Cisk whilst waiting for the food. Your half day was just made!

No soggy or discolored salad at Star Café

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

It was with great excitement I received the request for writing for I had decided to go try this small bakery/mini store I had eaten at a few times before. Previous inquires regarding their opening hours had lead me to believe the kitchen was open as long as the store. So imagine the disappointment due to the closed kitchen when I finally arrived to buy a specially composed sandwich, which is what they do and why I like them… but more about that in a future article.

I decided to go to the previously written about, Star Café. With a variety of cold and warm dishes they serve sandwiches of different sorts, salads, wraps and burgers. After several minutes of turning pages back and forth (and snickering at some of the strange posing famous people in their menu) I decided to try the beef burger, which they of course were all out off… they had every thing else. It came down to the Caesar salad with chicken.
It took about 13 minutes to prepare it which felt like a bit of a long time since the place was empty but I wasn’t in that much of a hurry so I didn’t mind waiting in the very relaxing and comfy chairs. The place itself looked very new, clean and fresh and the coffee bean tables give it an original touch.

For some reason I have the habit of always saying “to take away” which I regretted when I stepped out on the street into the 30 degree heat and realized that I needed somewhere to chill. I ended up walking back to the office and found a nice, quiet and awesomely air-conditioned spot.

I opened my take away bag and thought they had made a mix up first because what lied on top was bacon rather then chicken but after poking around a bit with my plastic fork I found big luscious pieces of chicken breast marinated in garlic, absolutely delightful.

The biggest turn off for me when eating a salad is when the lettuce is soggy, discolored and just doesn’t look fresh. To my delight I didn’t find one single bit of that and it all just felt like a very well composed amount of ingredients.

The only negative aspect, which was partly my own fault due to the “taking away” fact, was that the warm bacon had turned the croutons a bit soft. I missed the crunch. A second thing, which as a meat loving man is hard to categorize as negative was the abundance of meat. Adding the chicken to the bacon was a bit of an overkill but if you’re coming home from the gym this would be an excellent orgy of proteins.

The price of this dish landed on 5.50 euro and considering how packed it was with meat I have to say it was very good value. The freshness of it added to the nice experience and I would warmly recommend it to anyone who wants a nice healthy lunch without unnecessary carbohydrates.

Join me next time as I make my second attempt to get my specially composed sandwich. Until then, eat well and spread love, or spread well and eat love, or eat spread and love well. Cheers!

/ Emil Brikha

Chaos due to transport strike – the restaurant business suffers.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

I read the 6th update about the current transport strike in Malta “Bus emergency service stopped after violence”. (

I think the bus drivers (that really and truly have nothing to do with the initial reason for the strike) actually enjoy everyday of the strike, sitting near there busses having a barbecue. Wonder if they read my barbecue tips below?

All consumer businesses are of course negatively affected by the strike and of course also our favorite subject: Malta’s restaurants. Unfortunately (and obviously) the strike causes much worse damages than us not were being able to go to Gozo for a Sunday lunch.

The transport strike doesn’t really improve the bus drivers already bad reputation. Follow the newly created Facebook group ‘Malta Transport Reform Action Group’ to share your opinions,

Share your opinion below!

Millennium Turkish kebab – part of Sliema business workers weekly diet

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I’m sure that the Millennium kebab, in the corner of the Forestalls building next to the Waterfront hotel, is not an unfamiliar place to anyone living or working in Sliema. Around lunch time the queue seldom is short. Like most Turkish kebab’s here in Malta you’ll find the normal selection of lamb and chicken kebab, beef and chicken shish, burgers etc- all for around a few Euros. “Hot sauce… sweet sauce, salad or chips?” 🙂

Well the Turkish kebab seems to be a part of the weekly diet of the nearby office workers (sometimes even mine). I would however like to pitch for ‘Straws’ as a both cheaper and healthier alternative!
I would avoid it during the hot summer months as I don’t trust the food being able to stay fresh in the displays. However, if it’s Turkish kebab on your menu today, go to the Millennium kebab in Sliema. To me it looks fresher and the staff is cool and friendly.

Everyone deserves a good coffee break – even us.

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Ehm, there was this accident.. and they took my laptop… ehm, I mean a UFO landed in my graden and lazer beemed me… ehm… no, you don’t belive me?

Ok, we’re currently busy travelling hence the next post is not scheduled before mid next week.

Despite this slight interruption we’re working on some GREAT reviews, or how about ‘Hummer akademin’ in Hunnebostrand, Sweden (The lobster academy), the Turkish kebabs’ in Malta and contemporary lunch at the waterfront hotel…?

Until then I’ll finish of my black Zoega’s coffee with home baked sweet pastries and watch ‘Benny Hill – Fun in the kitchen’.

Barbecue all summer long

Thursday, July 10th, 2008
I love barbecuing so why not share some good advice to make your next barbeque evening perfect!

We care about the environment and whish not to put and carbon footprints – use an electric heater to fire ups your barbecue. Wait until the fire is gone and you see only grey ash – now it’s time to barbecue

Share your tips with us!

SWEDEN SPECIAL: We’re back to Villa Sjötorp – A house by the sea

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Villa Sjötorp was completed in 1901. The house was constructed as a summer residence for mill owner Emil Heager at Lilla Edet papermills.

“I recall moving in very clearly. We thought it was the world’s most beautiful house. One summer when king Oscar came to Lyckorna on his yacht it had been decided that he just had to see the most beautiful ville in the resort. The choice said to have been between our house and the Hasselblad’s”

Today we’re here eating a Swedish ‘husmankost’ named ‘Biff à la Lindström’ with fresh potatoes. Biff á la Lindström is minced beef stuffed with capers.

Look at the lovely decoration, all in a very classic and unique setting!

Don Berto’s – “We spent all money on the nice location and forgot about the customer experience”

Monday, July 7th, 2008

So you read the header above – what is the customer experience? My very subjective opinion is Service, service and again nothing but good service!

Let’s wrap it up very easy, yes the setting is fantastic, the selection of wine very good and the food not so bad either. Of course this is a really good place to spend a relaxed and educated evening out.


What is it with these amazing places and service? I’m not going to elaborate our experience further – just conclude one fact: the budget when opening this place had not much over for something called “experienced staff”. I might be wrong, very wrong, we all are wrong sometimes. It might just be a different mindset from mine. But again, this is my very personal subjective experience and I’m a paying customer – just like YOU!

By the way, has been here. Read all about her experience here.

SQL real estate partners up with

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
“We have signed a 12 months contract with hence we believe in it’s honesty, values and dedicated mission to tell the true story about Malta’s restaurants. “
– Joseph Sullivan
CEO SQL real estate services Malta
We are very happy with having partnered up with such established and trusted company as SQL.

Maybe this will be your next home – Apartment in Sliema “Some dream of a view like this. Others wake up to it…. Every single day. “

Fresh Maltese shrimps – latest addition to the Snoopy’s menu

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Ok, let’s face it – I had a disastrous day with not one but two surgeries done on me this morning. Hardly being able to walk thanks to all the nice pills given to me, I’m not sure if any chef in the world could cook something that pleased me today.

To get the odds right we go to Snoopy’s – my all time favorite place in Sliema. It looks like shrimps are new on the menu!

Grilled shrimps, cut in halfs and served on a delicious bed of thick rice will not disappoint and seafood lover.

Thumps up – well done, best treatment possible! has been here as well – read her review here.