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Gochi Sushi Take away – Just opened in St. Julians

In a classic step down hole in the wall style Gochi Sushi take away has opened a new place for all sushi lovers on the island. The place is situated just above Paparazzi’s on St. Georges road.

Gochi offer 3 different take away menus as well as a selection of sushi priced by item. Zen Style feeds 2 people and includes an assortment of different Nigri sushi and California roll – our choice!

Gochi Sushi Take away menu:

Zen Style €29 (30pcs serves 2 people)
Tuna Nigri (3pcs)
Salmon Nigri (3pcs)
Prawn Nigri (3pcs)
California Roll (6pcs)
Zen Roll (Eel) (6pcs)

Gochi Style €23 (48pcs serves 4 people)
Teriyaki Chicken Roll (6pcs)
Spicy Chicken Roll (6pcs)
Grilled SAlmon Roll (6pcs)
California Roll (6pcs)
Spicy Tuna Roll (6pcs)
Salmon Avocado Roll (6pcs)
Vegetable Roll (6pcs)
Italian Roll (6pcs)

Sushi Combi €18 (36pcs serves 2 people)
Cucumber Roll (12pcs)
Tuna & Mayo Roll (12pcs)
Veg & Prawn Roll (12pcs)
Fried Chicken

Gochi sushi is best enyoyed outside on the terrace with a well chilled beer!

Maltalunch says:

2 Responses to “Gochi Sushi Take away – Just opened in St. Julians”

  1. Ilja says:


    been there a week ago. I had a plate of three different rolls all inside out, tuna and teryiaki chicken.
    Good quality although a lot of rice, good taste and including a drink I paid 12 € – practical joke – very good value for money

  2. Peter says:

    heya does anyone know the their phone number? if they have one?


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