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Their slogan is "Chill at Nove winebar"

Monday, June 30th, 2008
We took to Nove winebar to enjoy a quick espresso with a cognac after the Sweden-Spain game.

In comes 4 espressos but no cognac… they forgot them? No, we figured out they put the cognac together with the espresso. Something new for sure but less tasty.

However, no big deal to sort it out with a new order… which took ages.

When the bill was settled we were charged 10 cognacs and 9 espressos (?!).

When trying to solve the mathematical nightmare of 4×5=20 (4 espressos+cognac for €5 each) the bar manager expresses his deepest frustration: “Mela, I’m not gonna **** up an already bad shift with this, ok…?”

Finally everything was settled to our satisfaction and it’s worth to mention that we’ve been to Nove before enjoying great Vongolle and very good service – just a bad day?

Zest – where east meets west and the difference between gentlemen’s clubs worldwide

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

It’s a content company that enters Zest tonight for a culinary dining experience. Unfortunately the man behind the words today suffers a food poisoning. From where is not really clear. However it takes more to stop me from continue unveiling the “true story about Malta’s restaurants. Every day.”
The header will not be further explained here but it suggests on the main the main topic of the night. Our friendly staff at Zest suggests Peking duck as a starter followed by a mixed platter of Sushi to share amongst us three.

Nikki beach.. Malta (!?)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
Nikki beach is a well known concept around a few places in the Med as well as New York, Miami and Hollywood. This place in Malta is definitely not included – but stealing the logo with pride doesn’t seem to be a problem for the owners here 🙂

Our mission is not judge the legal aspect of stealing trademarks but to blog about our food experience. “Nikki beach” has a really good kitchen being open from noon to 3pm and opening again around 7pm. till late.

We tried the red snapper with roasted potatoes and a bottle of the classic rosé d’anjou. Food is great, price is normal, come here at around 8pm to enjoy the sunset!

China town – Chinese cuisine in the heart of St. Julian’s Malta

Monday, June 23rd, 2008
Near closing time after the Euro football game and as a last resort to feed a very hungry stomach we hit China Town, the newly opened Chinese restaurant and take away place in near Ryan’s in the middle of Spinola Bay.

As I was taking pictures of the entrance I was greeted by “Stefan Z” who (without knowing about our site) took me up to the roof top to show the third floor.
– Here we will serve lunch as well as dinner, closed off from the heavy traffic outside, said Stefan.
We’re hope for a success as there are not many places we’re you can enjoy an outdoor lunch without have to accompanied with -54 Leyland’s and other assortments of diesel engine vehicles.
We tried the half aromatic crispy duck with pancakes and salad (Peking duck) for €12 together with plain steamed rice €1.60.

If you’re a loyal reader of our blog you know that duck is always on our top list of favorite orders. For being a take away order it gets a 3/5, we would have whished it to be more crispy but it could also have to with that we let it live in the box for 30 min before coming home.

We appreciate clean toilets like here as well the honesty of showing what’s really going on in the kitchen – a big plus!
We will come back for more Chinese take away and we’re also looking forward to the grand opening of the roof terrace!

Gochi Sushi Take away – Just opened in St. Julians

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

In a classic step down hole in the wall style Gochi Sushi take away has opened a new place for all sushi lovers on the island. The place is situated just above Paparazzi’s on St. Georges road.

Gochi offer 3 different take away menus as well as a selection of sushi priced by item. Zen Style feeds 2 people and includes an assortment of different Nigri sushi and California roll – our choice!

Gochi Sushi Take away menu:

Zen Style €29 (30pcs serves 2 people)
Tuna Nigri (3pcs)
Salmon Nigri (3pcs)
Prawn Nigri (3pcs)
California Roll (6pcs)
Zen Roll (Eel) (6pcs)

Gochi Style €23 (48pcs serves 4 people)
Teriyaki Chicken Roll (6pcs)
Spicy Chicken Roll (6pcs)
Grilled SAlmon Roll (6pcs)
California Roll (6pcs)
Spicy Tuna Roll (6pcs)
Salmon Avocado Roll (6pcs)
Vegetable Roll (6pcs)
Italian Roll (6pcs)

Sushi Combi €18 (36pcs serves 2 people)
Cucumber Roll (12pcs)
Tuna & Mayo Roll (12pcs)
Veg & Prawn Roll (12pcs)
Fried Chicken

Gochi sushi is best enyoyed outside on the terrace with a well chilled beer!

Maltalunch says:

Travel special: A weekend in Malmö

Friday, June 20th, 2008

We’ve safely arrived to the southern paradise of Sweden – Malmö. Checking in at Hotel Mäster Johan in the city center.The interior goes in true Scandinavian style with light wooden floors and Danish B&O hi-fi’s.

The breakfast buffet leaves little else to whish for.

Hitting the town we try “Lilla gränden” which is an old and classic barbecue place. Having a limited selection on the menu suggest that freshness of the food.

We tried the Rid-eye, lamb and beef filet. Despite the beef being cold in the middle we’re happy with our visit.

Tomorrow we’ve a plane to catch flying us back to the rock of Malta!

Travel Special: Stopping by at Restaurang Briggen

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
Our quest for the best Swedish lunch continues and has taken us to the west coast of Sweden, stopping by at the huge shopping mall – TORP! Our favorite place here is Restaurang Briggen.

A “Brigg” is Swedish for type of sailing yacht which was popular in the mid 20th century.

For some €15 we get a “husets snitzel” with potato gratin served with a selection of sauces!

Briggen’s website:

Tomorrow we’re travelling all the way down to the southern part to stop by in Malmö!

See where we are here:

Travel special: The candy!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Classic Swedish “lösgodis” bought by weight. Chose your own mix by choosing among hundreds of different flavors!

Travel special: Villa Sjötorp Ljungskile, Sweden – Where Gonzi and his friends would eat

Monday, June 16th, 2008

When Swedish people feel uncomfortable in a group with others and they have nothing to speak about, they talk about the weather. It usually sounds something like this:

– Oh, today it’s sunshine!
– Yes… but it was raining yesterday.

Never satisfied or happy Swedish people.

However today is a sunny day and yesterday gave not any rain. Where sitting in the backyard of an old villa from the early 1900’s. I don’t know much of the history of the house but today is serves as a restaurant and hotel.

This little hideaway is just amazing, sitting in the shade of the trees in the garden overlooking the Swedish fjord in unbeatable.

I think this is a place that a president would like – classy, elegant and timeless.

How to get there and more information:

Travel special: Laxbutiken Ljungskile, Sweden – How do they know if the salmon is Norwegian?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Last time I went here was summer 2007 (Read about it here), since then they have undergone a refurbishment, a new outdoor terrace and a new ice-cream bar with, probably, Sweden’s most expensive ice-cream (2 golf ball sized scopes comes at €5).

Laxbutiken specializes in all kinds of salmon, as the name implies, “salmon store”. The menu always offers today’s lunch as well as a buffet and the ordinary a la carte. A large display is also available for take away dishes.
The weather has really been extraordinary since I came here, sitting outside enjoying a grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and lobster sauce is hard to beat.

They say the fish is caught in Norway i.e. Norwegian salmon. If I meet you in Paris I can’t assume that you are French, correct? So I am very curious to understand how they know the fish is Norwegian. Maybe Salmon Joe was just having a family holiday in the fjords. I hope his family was well insured as he might have ended up grilled on my plate.

Laxbutiken is best described as a casual lunch dining version of la Dolce vita in St. Julians Malta. Just that at Laxbutiken they speak English.