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Zest Malta – Exclusive dining in a relaxed environment!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

This would be the perfect place for any festive occasion, fabulous food, great wine, tasteful cocktails and amazingly professional personnel!

Allow me to share the gourmet dishes I enjoyed the previous weekend. For starters I had their Thai Style Dim Sums, and as you all know Dim Sums can be a bit ‘tricky’ but believe me the Dim Sums I had was great with a nice fillings of steamed pork, chicken and steamed prawn dumplings!

For main course I had the Sesame Crusted Beef Medallions on a layer of crispy bean sprouts which I must say was the best dish I had so far this year(2008). It was just perfect, all you readers out there need to try it out!

And as for the drinks we shared a bottle of Rose d’Anjou which is a lighter rose wine which was perfect for this kind of ‘heavy’ food. After a couple of quick B52 shots we went out to an unforgettable night in the lovely Paceville in Malta for our dearest friend Robins farewell party.

Thanks, that’s all for me this week!

East meets West -Zoltan S

Friday chiller – Caipirinha

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Welcome to the first weekly Friday chiller post – we’ll every Friday around 5pm post what we think is the drink of the evening. Not to disappoint our trusted readers we’ll start off with a classic Caipirinha (whhooo that took some googleing to find the correct spelling…).

This Brazilian national cocktail is based on Cachaça which is Brazilian rom distilled from sugar cane. The word “Caipirinha” is the diminutive version of the word “caipira“, which refers to someone from the countryside, being an almost exact equivalent of the American English hillbilly.

How to make your Friday even better (recipe of 1 drink):

– Make sure to have a bottle of premium Cachaça (My favorite Cachaça is Pitu which has a distinctive and flowery taste.);
– 1 lime fruit;
– 12 ice cubes;
– 3 tea spoons of cane sugar;
– Old fashioned glass

Start by muddling lime and sugar in the glass until all juices are out from the fruit. Crush the ice (if you don’t have an ice crusher you can put the ice in a towel and slam with a hammer). Fill the glass with crushed ice to the top. Poor 5cl of Pitu and fill up with even more ice. Stir and serve!

Next Friday we’ll show you something more spectacular, stay tuned 🙂

The lunch gets better at Peppino’s

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Thursday evening myself, Carlos, Lisa and our possibly new guest blogger Malsov met up a Pepinos in Spinola for some good food and brainstorming about future prospects for this blog! Unfortunately Zoltan couldn’t come and contribute with his wine expertise.

Pepino’s has a reputation of excellent beef filet as well as attracting the celebrities. Of course we had to try the classic beef fillet with a few bottles of Merlot.

Beef filet with pepper sauce – €15.85
Bottle of Merlot from Chile – €14.50

As a true meat lover there no such thing as ordering your meat medium or well done. Good beef shall be eaten close to rare, full stop.

So with slight disappointment I hear Lisa and Carlos asking for well done… with bigger disappointment we get three beefs all cooked well done/medium. I don’t like it.

Far too into our discussion about how to develop or blog we can’t be bothered about asking for a new piece of meat.

All in all our visit to Peppino’s get’s the thumbs up – it’s a friendly atmosphere with classic Italian settings.

So what’s the future for the lunch? Well, if you can read and understand our meeting minutes below please tell us, cuz we don’t understand nor remember anything from it…

Link to Peppino’s website:

Tell us where to dine in Malta!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

New poll on the lunch: Which is your favorite restaurant? Look at the right hand side of this page and vote now!

The winner will be visited by the lunch crew for a long night out (Read: extensive review).

Is your favorite not listed – post a comment and tell us where to go in the future.

/ Greger

Lunch at Star Café in Sliema

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Since I eat lunch more or less everyday at “Star” I could easily fill up the whole blog with just Club sandwich/ftira’s 🙂 Yes, because that’s the only thing I eat for lunch.

Must mean that it’s good or I’ve a bad selection of choice? As previously written about Star, it’s blends a good atmosphere with great easy lunch food. Exactly what the strand needs more of.

I strongly suggest:Club ftira with some extra fried potatoes wedges as side order together with a healthy peach juice.

This is yours for around a fiver!

Will it be pagoda value-meal take-away tonight?

The Dubliner – Irish pub with fancy cuisine!

Monday, February 18th, 2008

First of I would like to present myself – Zoltan, I will be your guest blogger here at “The Lunch”.
If everything goes as planned I will be sharing some of my experiences with you all once a week.

My first contribution to this blog will be from The Dubliner;
On Saturday we went to the pub to watch the game, and to carb up for the long night ahead of us I tried the lasagna.
I must say my choice was great, the lasagna I had was really tasteful, with a topping of cocktail tomatoes, chives and extra parmigiano this 7 Euro dish gets 3,5 stars of 5 possible.
The price combined with the taste, a cold lager and some great company of course increased the experience.

That’s all for now and you will hear from me again next Monday.

// Zoltan

Listen to Esmée

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Have you heard the super talented young American singer Esmée?

Check out her contributes to James Morrison:

Lisa Sneider – your personal life guide

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

My name is Lisa Sneider and from now on I am your own guest blogger at”The Lunch”.

Why is this blond litte moron writing on the blog, The lunch” you think? Well, i can promise you some nice knowledge about wine, food and restaurant.

Yesterday we visited Snoopy´s and as usual it turned out to be a successful night. Well, none of us got laid, but what the hack. The wine was good, the apple cheesecake tasted great and the French wine that we drank was phenomenal.
Even though we had a lot of fun every nigh has and end and this nigh was not an exception.
After 4-5 beers we went straight to Frittelitos place were nice beers and cigarettes waited. What happened the rest of night? Well, that’s up to you to imagine.

Cheers Lisa!

Have a break – play some casino!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

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Maestro E’ Fresco

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Walking down South Street in Valletta you’ll find Maestro E’ Fresco on your right hand side.

This Italian style wine bar is well worth a visit. Valletta’s nightlife offers a cultured atmosphere – a nice break away from the busy and hectic life in Sliema.

Try one of there good baguettes or salad’s, but be aware it’s not a dinner kitchen.

Glass of foreign wine – €3.15
Wraps/baguettes – € 4.55

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