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Buddy’s Bowling & Bar

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Bowling, Bar & restaurant in one, located in the heart of Trollhättan, Sweden.

Yesterday was my second visit to this place, and no I’m still not a better bowler. The story says that the owners of old Buttler’s went on a road trip to America. Along route 66 near Tennessee they stopped at a Bowling bar. The Barman was called “Buddy” since they legend says he was a close friend to Elvis, there you have the story behind the name!

Bowling is great here, we play disco bowling and later enjoy food that is to be considered very good for a place of this kind. The menu brags about having created a fusion of American meets Italian food. You call it what your want but what you get is a variety of ribs, sirloin, beef or chicken.

And the bowling score…? 141p :/