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Laxbutiken Ljungskile

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Specializing and serving all kinds of Salmon situated just off the coastline in Ljungskile.
Today’s lunch – Salmon with fried potatoes 119 SEK.

I get the feeling of being in an elderly home, don’t know if the venue or the audience that contributes most to that feeling.

However the food is good, really good. Priced a bit over the top for what you want to pay for a lunch.

However Laxbutiken is a great place to dine! Clearly thumbs up here!

Coffee Roomer

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Coffee roomer is also contributing the world of coffee houses. As far as I know this place only has one shop at the local shopping mall of my hometown in Sweden – Uddevalla.

Top of the line on the coffee menu must the the “up-side-down”. A blend of espresso, milk, chocolate and secret herbs topped with a piece of dark chocolate.

My healthy lunch today consists of:

Strawberry Cheesecake, Up-side-down coffee, Caesar salad – 146 SEK

Coffee houses seem to be the new thingi… Read in the latest issue of CNBC European business that Macedonia welcomes foreign companies with 0% corporate tax for the fist 10 years. Maybe a joint venture start up with yet another coffee house brand over there… or Estonia… lately named E-stonia since IT-companies like Skype are establishing all their business there.

So how was the Coffee Roomer experience?

Foppa-toffel factor: Dangerously high. This in combination with “Intersport sockar” is fatal. (Foppa-toffel is the colorful NY phenomena CROCKS marketed by Peter Forsberg).

Starbucks vs. Coffee roomer: I like that they have a vast selection of salads, which in fact are really tasty and looks healthy. But where’s the frappuccino? No coffee house without a real unhealthy frappuccino having the power of sugar coating almost anyone.

Read more:

Illy – Frankfurt am Main airport

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Starbucks, Segfredo, Espresso house, Coffe house and now Illy. It follows the web 2.0 trend of the never ending birth of new social network sites. Sturbucker’s uses myspace and espresso house favors face book?

However Illy is not an disappointment. It brings nothing new to the coffee scene but offers the standard setup of a modern lunch; different Italian breads and a whole range of coffee types.

To give affair judgment a stick to the classic:

Cappuccino & Ciabatta with Parma ham – € 8.10

Mela factor: Not really, this is Germany where a delay in train traffic causes major headlines in the news paper.

Atmosphere: Just in-between gate A 56-57 you have a cool view over the north landing strip.

Coffee: As I’m still one of the last on this earth not really knowing the real difference between a latte and cappuccino I don’t really qualify as a real coffee taster. However as an everyday coffee consumer I say that this cappuccino is smooth, has the “leaf” and is all together really good!

Exiles Paradise

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

The relaxed beach bar is my favorite nearby hang-out during the days. Chris’s place, probably undefeated champion of the title “world’s biggest slacker”, has a new chef this year and offers a much better menu.

Home made beef burger with cheese and bacon – Lm 3

Chips: The most important with the beef burger is how the chips are. These chips are home made, sliced potatoes and fried. Best chips on the island!

Mela factor: When the local wardens comes down for a pint of Cisk or two then you start to recognize what describes a true mela factor 😉 but it’s all good.

Atmosphere: Dangerous if you don’t like dire straits – brothers in arms which is frequently played on the jukebox. But this open air venue, situated just of the Mediterranean shore is fantastic…

First class dining at Snoopy’s lounge Malta

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Newly refurbished with a good blend of modern classic old style Snoopy’s is a venue for anyone from upper scale globetrotter to the local public.

Second floor serves as a dedicated area for a la carte.

Rib-eye carpaccio with lemon followed by a tandori chicken with coconut sauce a a bed of rice LM 9.95.

Service: Top notch, as today’s newspaper was unfortunately not available I was kindly compensated with some garlic ring
snacks to my Cisk, that suddenly tasted so much better. I didn’t ask for it… i did not expect it…
I was more then pleased when I got it. World class, you know how to read a customer!

Food: Served with a modern style and with designer porcine, taste and look is superb.

Mela factor: No sound of any “Eja Joey” from the kitchen.

Stomach reaction: So far so good. Top quality food!

About: Snoopy’s lounge is situated opposite Independent gardens in Balutta Bay Sliema. It’s newly refurbished and serves both
as a quality lounge bar as well as first class dining restaurant. I highly recommend this place! This is truly value for money!

Taj Mahal Indian Resturant again…

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Since the take away menu consists of 5 different dishes I’m afraid I need to try them all to give a justified rating. The old Indian Classic Chicken Curry proved not to be a disappointment.

Chicken curry with Rice – LM 2.75

“Good healthy tasty food is good for health because of the spices ingredients”
Well true fact is that the sauce is served to anything from chicken to beef… and any promised healing effects I’m not so sure of.

Chicken Curry vs. Spice chicken wings in garlic (1-0)

It-Torri Café & Brasserie

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

6 half-shelled mussels cooked in garlic (LM 3.25) followed by a Rib-eye steak with pepper sauce (LM 5.75)

Food: Serve nicely on fine porcelain but that’s pretty much it. Not bad but note really good either. There’s better value for money.
Venue: Better then the food. Seaside enjoying beautiful views over Ballutta bay and the Med. Well distanced from the main road.
Entertainment: There’s these 2 Italian old men running around and trying to play on an amplified guitar…

About: Descent open-air restaurant near exiles on Tower Road Sliema. Tel 00356 27312555

Taj Mahal Indian Resturant

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Today we felt for something fast and spicy… we where eating:

Chicken Tandoori bbq garlic wings – Lm 2.50 (€ 5.60)

Taste: 7/10
Look: 4/10
Stomach reaction: Ok
Mela, mela factor: Low
Overall Rate: 6/10

Located on the strand Sliema it’s surpassingly the first Indian Restaurant in Malta (1978). I wouldn’t go here for an a’la carte evening but as take a way place it offers you a selection of 6 meals… apparently they all comes with the same sauce